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PO Box 6034 Westcliff-on-Sea

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Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
White envelope 228 x 110 mm
Front: window at front, printed in top right corner: “Delivered by Royal Mail C9 10005”
Back: printed in top centre: “If undelivered, please return to PO Box 6034 Westcliff-on-Sea SS1 9RZ” printed at a slant in the top right corner is a number, e.g. 014017/1

Royal Bank of Scotland


Nature of contents:
Replacement bank card with a letter and leaflet

6 thoughts on “PO Box 6034 Westcliff-on-Sea

  1. Received a letter today with, what feels to be, a plastic card inside. My address is on the letter with another name. I have lived here for 33 years and since the place was new so no previous occupier.

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