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PO Box 6034 Westcliff-on-Sea

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Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
White envelope 228 x 110 mm
Front: window at front, printed in top right corner: “Delivered by Royal Mail C9 10005”
Back: printed in top centre: “If undelivered, please return to PO Box 6034 Westcliff-on-Sea SS1 9RZ” printed at a slant in the top right corner is a number, e.g. 014017/1

Royal Bank of Scotland


Nature of contents:
Replacement bank card with a letter and leaflet

9 thoughts on “PO Box 6034 Westcliff-on-Sea

  1. Received a letter today with, what feels to be, a plastic card inside. My address is on the letter with another name. I have lived here for 33 years and since the place was new so no previous occupier.

  2. I’ve received two pieces of mail from this PO Box in the last week. one feels like its a bank card and the other is a small box with something in it… looking up this PO Box it appears there is an engraved gift company uses it…

    Oddly enough it IS my address but not my name on the labels on either piece of mail… and I know the names of the previous two occupants of this flat in the past 10 years…

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