Update – December 2021

Whenever I post an update note on this website I always have to start with an apology. Inevitably its because I’ve neglected the site for a long time. This update is no different. Its been two years – over the course of this global pandemic – it seems that I’ve neglected this. But now, I’ve found the time, space, and motivation (two of which is a result of a new home desk set-up) to give this site some attention. I’ve sifted through 3000 spam comments to pick up the ones that are legit; Updated the site plug-in’s; Tidied up a few things; and even posted a new envelope detail. I also see that we have some excellent new submissions, which I’ll process next. I can’t promise that I’ll keep up this new effort by giving it daily attention, but I will try (once again) to get it – and keep it – fresh. A couple of years ago the site peaked at around 30,000 visitors a month. Looking at Google Analytics now, its getting around 1,500 visitors a month. A massive drop from its peak, but still impressive and surprising given that it’s been neglected for a couple of years. Credit to the search engines for still giving it some recognition. Thank you to everyone that has visited – I hope you got some kind of value it.

How to use this site

You’ve heard of ‘Who Called Me’ websites for looking up telephone numbers?

Welcome to ‘Who Wrote Me’ for looking up business envelopes!

Use the details on the outside of the envelope to discover what might be inside.

Handy if you’d like to know what some post could be about without being able to open it.

Because you do realise that opening post in somebody else’s name, even where you might now own the property, might considered an offence under the Postal Services Act, and I quote: “(3)A person commits an offence if, intending to act to a person’s detriment and without reasonable excuse, he opens a postal packet which he knows or reasonably suspects has been incorrectly delivered to him“, not to mention Data Protection [GDPR] implications.

So, no more holding it up to the light. No more steaming it open. No more looking through the address window.

Suspicious parent or family member? Nosy neighbour? Private Investigator? Researcher? Whatever your purpose, this may just be a handy resource for you.

  • Envelope details are contained in ‘posts’ – one envelope description per post.
  • Browse the list of posts below, or search for a keyword using the Search feature at the footer of the page.
  • Keyword searches may be a part of an envelope return address, printed code, or other text from the envelope.

Who am I? How can you contact me? See the ‘Who Are We’ section under the menu.

Seeking more detail…

Unfortunately some submissions don’t quite make the cut due to quality or lack of detail. Can you help to complete them? Comment below if you have more detail on the below items….

13/01/22 – PO Box 140 Normanton WF6 1YA – Thanks for your submission, but with this Return Address you need to also provide the detail of what was inside the envelope so that we can share this information to help others!

30/08/20 – PO Box 60 Chester CH1 3BE – Lloyds Bank “Collections Centre” – Thanks for this – good to tie a PO Box to a Sender, but we need to know about the Envelope that correspondence comes in.

03/04/20 – PO Box 187 Havant PO9 5TL – UK Mail – Small window envelope: Thanks for the extra detail today – I’ve now added this as a full entry. Just need to improve it with some envelope details…

25/01/20 – PO Box 140 Normanton WF6 1YA – UK Mail – Finance related: Thanks for trying, but you need to tell us the Sender.

16/01/20 – PO Box 10565 51 Saffron Road – “Important confirmation of set-up”: Thanks for trying, but we need to know the Sender. I do have an entry for this road address but different PO Box. Possibly this is Barclaycard?!

08/01/20 – Jarow NE32 9AN – Brown with window, code on back is ANN/BT/SU0917: Thanks for this one, but just need a bit more clarification on Sender and Contents.

16/09/19 – PO Box 4501 Radstock UK BA3 9A – Thanks for trying, however when submitting new entries, you/we need to know the Sender and Contents in order to create a useful post to help others that don’t know

29/08/19 – PO Box 16764 Birmingham B2 2NL – Thanks for this but we need to know the Sender and Envelope Description to make the submission useful for others.