Privacy Policy

Who am I

This website under the domain ‘’ is owned and operated by an individual named Mark living in England, UK.

Myself [Mark] can be contacted by e-mail at the address: hello AT whowroteme DOT com (and for anyone that doesn’t understand this – you substitute the word AT for the symbol @ and the word DOT for the symbol . to form a valid e-mail address. Duh)

The website is currently operated as non-commercial or non-business purposes. As such, it is currently operated for hobby / personal interest / domestic purposes.

However, the website does generate revenue through the Google AdSense service. Third-party advertising may be displayed on this website, controlled by Google AdSense, which if clicked, may generate a small value reward to myself.

Definition of “the Service”

Rather than saying ‘We’ or ‘I’ throughout this Privacy Policy, I will use the phrase “the Service” to reference to the website (for its purpose and functionality), the associated e-mail account hello AT whowroteme DOT com, and associated Facebook account.

Does the Service collect, process, or store Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The Service does not intend to collect, process, or store PII.

PII is not necessary for the purpose of the Service.

It may be possible that PII is submitted by members of the public to the Service. This may happen through free-text Submissions (which are suggestions of new envelope details), through Comments (which is a feature of envelope posts), and through e-mail (to the Service e-mail address).

Where this happens, the owner of the Service, as identified in the ‘Who am I’ section of this Privacy Policy) will always aim to manually remove, redact, or otherwise delete PII, thus not to further store or process it.

To emphasise – I do not ask to receive PII; I do not want to receive PII; I try to take precautions to avoid PII. But when someone sends me PII, I promptly delete it thus to avoid any storage or processing.


This site does not currently use Cookies. That position may change in the future if the site were to be monetised in some way.

Embedded content from other websites

The Service may have embedded content like plug-in’ s, from other websites. The current one is a Facebook plug-in to receive Likes from the website.


The Service website does have a Google Analytic plug-in enabled, which allows data analytics through the Google Analytics tool.

Who we share your data with

No data, PII or non-PII, is shared or provided to any other party.

How long we retain your data

Data is held indefinitely whilst the Service is accessible and available to the public.

Any PII received by the owner/operator of the Service will be deleted as soon as possible.

What rights you have over your data

Should there be any PII collected or processed through the Service, then I am totally committed to upholding all statutory rights afforded to Data Subjects through relevant legislation.

If you want to request a copy of any PII I hold about you – you got it! You want to object to me processing it – no problem! You want to be forgotten – it’s already done!

To emphasise, personal data should not be stored or processed by the Service but if it happens to be, then I will support obligations towards it.

Where we send your data

The Service website is hosted by GoDaddy in their Europe Datacentre. The associated e-mail address is based on the free Outlook webmail service from Microsoft – I assume the account is located on United States based servers. Likewise with the Facebook account. Other that these, data is not sent to any other entity or service.

Additional information

What data breach procedures we have in place

In the event of a breach, UK regulator guidance shall be followed.

What third parties we receive data from

Data is received from users, visitors, guests, public – however best to describe them – visiting the Service and interacting with it.

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data


Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

Um…..I guess all I can say is that if I am legally required to disclose any data to a third-party, then of course I will do so. Simple’s really.