PO Box 123, DE14 2XE

[This is a great submission – many thanks! But I believe I’ve had this address before – an entry dated 14 March 2019, but with a different Sender Interesting to see a Solicitors Firm operating with a PO Box – is this typical practice? Maybe the owner/operator of the PO Box is some kind of shared service on behalf of multiple small businesses? Also taking this moment to acknowledge another recent submissions , “LBG PO Box 204”, but without Sender details it’s no good. Remember – this site needs to know the Sender and Contents of the envelope to aid other people that do not know, so without these details, the submission is meaningless – sorry!]

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
Front: Delivered by Royal Mail C9 10087, Private & Confidential; Back: Return Address: PO Box 123, Burton on Trent, DE14 2XE

Howard Cohen & Co. Solicitors LS3 1AB

Legal / Public Services

Nature of contents:
Order from Court

PO Box 1933 Radstock BA3 4YF

Who might have sent this post:
Primary Care Plus;

What could be the nature / purpose of the contents:
GP referral Mental Health; Blood pressure request; Flu jab; Results of blood test

Description of the envelope:
White C5
Front: Window; top right, logo docmail; logo Royal Mail, codeC9100034
bottom centre; code 49 8308i P64 377 ZONE D barcoded
Reverse: top centre; return address; bottom right corner, code E0006V8

Which carrier delivered it:
Royal Mail

Government / Public Services [Healthcare]

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SA31 2ET

Carrier: UKMail

Envelope Detail: 910001 printed in Delivered by Royal Mail box; EN1/2MS/UK printed in front bottom-left corner; If undelivered, please return to SA31 2ET printed on rear

Sender: Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA)

Category: Public Services

Nature of contents: V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate

Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency


Envelope Detail:

Brown business envelope with address window
DVLA logo on front top-right
C9 10001 printed in Delivered by Royal Mail box
EN52MS/UK 2/16 printed on front bottom-left

‘If undelivered do not return to sender’ printed on rear


Government / Public Services

Nature of contents:
Form D798 – Application to renew your driving licence with a new photo