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Update – December 2021

Whenever I post an update note on this website I always have to start with an apology. Inevitably its because I’ve neglected the site for a long time. This update is no different. Its been two years – over the course of this global pandemic – it seems that I’ve neglected this. But now, I’ve found the time, space, and motivation (two of which is a result of a new home desk set-up) to give this site some attention. I’ve sifted through 3000 spam comments to pick up the ones that are legit; Updated the site plug-in’s; Tidied up a few things; and even posted a new envelope detail. I also see that we have some excellent new submissions, which I’ll process next. I can’t promise that I’ll keep up this new effort by giving it daily attention, but I will try (once again) to get it – and keep it – fresh. A couple of years ago the site peaked at around 30,000 visitors a month. Looking at Google Analytics now, its getting around 1,500 visitors a month. A massive drop from its peak, but still impressive and surprising given that it’s been neglected for a couple of years. Credit to the search engines for still giving it some recognition. Thank you to everyone that has visited – I hope you got some kind of value it.

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