» UK » PO Box 6887 Coventry CV3 9SD

PO Box 6887 Coventry CV3 9SD

Who might have sent this post:
NHS, or
Car Parking Management Limited

What could be the nature / purpose of the contents:
NHS Hospital Appointment, or
Parking Fine

Description of the envelope:
White C5 with Window

Which carrier delivered it:
Royal Mail


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53 thoughts on “PO Box 6887 Coventry CV3 9SD

      1. Has to be a scam . I’ve just received a letter from them telling me I may be due to some compensation due to mis selling of my Northern Rock Mortgage that i took out in 2005 … first of all I did not move here until 2 years later and I have never had a mortgage either

    1. Had a letter for the same thing telling me that i was parked in my local Asda for 9hrs 22mins overnight yet i was at home that time of night approximately 1 1/2 miles away

  1. scammers the one i got from them was euro car parks fine for car i dont even owne & i have never bean to kettering morrisons

  2. I had one of these letters but for a person who does not live at my address and as I’ve lived here for 12 years not sure why I’m getting any letters addressed to a person who as far as I know has never lived at my address. Not sure of the contents but from the comments above not happy someone’s using my address to run up debt

  3. I had a letter from Lloyds with same “do not use the return address for correspondence”. It was addressed to a person who does not live here.

  4. Anonymous.. I received a letter from my dentist in Kirkby in Ashfield My Dentist letter showing no date. Saying my dentist wrote when I never received any previous letter. The envelope a scam as from the debt company. Looks like a fake letter.

  5. Letter from Broadland District Council/South Norfolk District Council regarding the electoral register

  6. ACI DEBT RECOVERY company acting on behalf of high st and other retailers on chasing up on their customers who have missed or fallen behind with repayments

  7. My recent NHS Hospital appointment letter had this postcode as the return address on the back. And the hospital is nowhere near Coventry!

  8. This return address belongs to
    Euro Car Park
    Penalty charge Notice
    You have to Pay Parking Penalties .
    if you stay over the free Parking time which might be 90 minutes
    in retail park .
    Pay before the deadline issue date on top of the letter for a reducted ,
    amount example £60 00
    Otherwise anything over the date dateline of issue of the notice will go up to £100.00 settlement charge .

  9. Keep getting letters from stroud District Council threatenening me with legal action due not paying my Coucil Tax when all my payments are made every month without fail. even if it’s a couple days late over I still pay every month

    Letter is from Coventry and it’s not an original letter it’s photo copied, how can I get these letters when Stroud District Council is nowhere near Coventry ?

    white envelope with a return address at the back

    PO Box 6887
    CV3 9SD

  10. This address seems to encompass a large number of businesses, probably a bulk mailing return address, and really has no connection to the contents of the letter. Mine was from the NHS writing to confirm the cancellation of an appointment.

  11. Definitely a scam address. Same return address used for something called “The Tracing Group” apparently working with NatWest sent to my grandmother. This was in regards to an apparent investment and were contacting her due to NatWest not being able to contact her.

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