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PO Box 4501 Radstock BA3 9

[Nice submission – many thanks! I’ve introduced a new “Junk / Unsolicited” category for this. I think part of the postcode is missing – anyone has information to be able to complete it?]

Sender: Ox Living – Co-living redefined

Carrier: Whistl

Category: Junk / Unsolicited

Nature of Contents: Unsolicited advertising

Envelope Description: White C5, Return address on front

13 thoughts on “PO Box 4501 Radstock BA3 9

  1. Received letter 27th August 2022
    PO BOX 4501 with Post code BA3 9AS.
    It referenced Avis car rental in Florida after June 2008, where I could be entitled to a refund.

    To trust and claim??????

  2. Got sent letters from an alleged U.S. court about vehicle rentals from Avis/Budget.
    And maybe due a claim for mis-sold insurance policy.

  3. BA3 9AS – got a letter today saying “A United States District Court authorized this notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer. You are not being sued.
    If you rented a vehicle from Avis Budget in Florida after June 12, 2008 through December 31, 2015, using a prepaid voucher, you may be entitled to a payment.
    Complete and submit a claim online at …..blah….blah….blah

    We did hire a vehicle in both 2009 and 2015 but couldn’t say who with now.

    I think I am going to ignore the letter.

  4. BA3 9AS. Junk mail purporting to be an invite to a class action in USA for anyone who rented a car from Avis between 2008 and 2015. Total nonsense

  5. Mine was from Clarion Housing saying that they will now be taking over the repairs instead of Equans the current routine repairer’s. No repair’s will e done then I guess as still have outstanding repairs from before Covid. Clarion saying we have to put in new claim as now had 3 major floods within 2 yrs of each other but Clarion as usual always puts blame on tenant’s.

  6. Mine is from Clarion Housing saying that from 1st August that they will be taking over as the Routine Repair instead of Equans. They are calling themselves Clarion Response but never get a response from them unless it’s to say no. Not happy with them as I still have outstanding repairs from just before Covid but Clarion refusing to carry on and said that I need to make a new claim. Now bathroom ceiling has mildew all over as well as kitchen etc. The letter is all lies as they either do not turn up and blame the tenant or turn up on day we have another appointment (Hospital or Doctor etc) without asking first. We are now getting demand texts rather than asking texts to state that someone will be round but due to my wife’s disability and health problems we can not just be told as hospitals and medical come first.

  7. Received letter today 11th Nov 2023 with return address on rear of:
    PO box 4501
    Ba3 9as

    Opened up to find the letter is from connect4 communities in conjunction with my local council.

    Funded by the DWP Household support fund the connect4communities team are offering a food voucher to households in receipt of local council tax support on 1st April 2023. Voucher is for £50 for sainsburys but may be for a different supermarket for your area as they choose whichever supermarket has the most stores in your area. The voucher is legit and is a barcode with a card number and pin. Nothing to phone up or do just spend it.

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