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[Thanks for this User Submission, but it does need more detail – at least the Sender – to be of value]

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
White envelope



Nature of contents:

5 thoughts on “PO BOX 3814, CHESTER, CH1 9AS

  1. This is from a solicitor named Wright Hassall, based in Coventry not Chester. trying to be covert. The letter is in a previous occupant’s name.They are after money for some credit card owed by that previous occupant.

    1. This person called REDACTED is using my address for his post would you please stop sending letters as he dosent live here I don’t even know who he is my address is REDACTED and my name is REDACTED

  2. You have been sending letters to the wrong address and person who doesn’t know what is going on a person name REDACTED she is the one who set this up she does model at the moment she is in Chicago she lives in south east London REDACTED I don’t know the person she needs to be checked out she could be doing this to other people

  3. February 2021… Well I received the letter the same as envelope described above but there was nothing from a solicitor or debt collectors. It contained my wife’s disabled badge which had just been renewed.

  4. When a Disabled Person’s Blue Badge is sent out, this is the return address used.

    I think it may be connected with a government body who is responsible for getting important official letters to their destination in the event they are not delivered successfully.

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