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PO Box 117 BLYTH NE24 9EJ

[Wow, excellent submission – many thanks! Grrrr, I sure do hate Parking Eye. I appreciate that they serve a need, but often the implementation and execution of their service makes my blood boil. To acknowledge that I’ve had other submissions over the past few weeks that I’ve not posted here on the site – sorry but they lack the envelope detail that this site aims to provide. Please use the below as an example of what I’m looking for]

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
White C5 Window
Right of window; long narrow barcode (no numbers)
Top right; Royal Mail logo C9 10002
Back: Top, centred; If undelivered please redirect mail to: Return Address PO Box 117, BLYTH, NE24 9EJ
Top right; OUT-CPE-P6-0419

Parking Eye

Civil Enforcement

Nature of contents:
Fine – Parking Charge Notice

3 thoughts on “PO Box 117 BLYTH NE24 9EJ

  1. I have posted my proof visiting REDACTED
    I’ve one amputated finger on one hand and the other strapped up .
    Having video chat from nhs for the pain in both hands
    I used the surgery to attend my appointments
    I’m sure your aware that appointments take a while
    If you check my number plate in your system , you will see the chemist and surgery is used regularly.
    I did check in with the system on the day of my appointment.
    You may be aware that having less usage with fingers can be sometimes be difficult.
    I await your reply

    Ref number. REDACTED

  2. Bloody heartless thieves. I parked I paid for parking at Walsgrave Hospital Coventry 4.40 as per machine Apparently where I parked I should have gone to reception with my car reg no. I was directed into this car park by a marshall had no idea of conditions other than to pay which I did . Bastards fined me 100 pounds. My wife is very very ill which is why we were there and now she is really ill and distressed. If I ever get to Blyth I will enter the offices and cause havoc -trust me . Bastards you are.

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