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Undelivered Mail Unit, BX1 1LT


Envelope Detail:
C9 10008 (in Delivered by Royal Mail logo)
Private & Confidential (on front)

Lloyds Bank


Nature of contents:
Current Account information

7 thoughts on “Undelivered Mail Unit, BX1 1LT

  1. I have received a letter from this address, for the previous owner of my property.
    He left over a year ago, so whoever is writing now does not impress . . .
    EMG 2017/06/22

  2. We continually get mail for the previous occupant, we have lived here for over 3 years!
    You’d think they’d have their affairs in order by now….

  3. BX1 1LT is non-geographic postcode for Lloyds Banking Group. There will be multiple departments at different geographical locations using the same postcode – BX addresses get special handling by Royal Mail.

    E.g. Lloyds Card Services at BX1 1LT goes to Andover.

  4. I have lived at my address for 16 years and still get post for a person who I have never heard of. I’m sick of telling Lloyds, as they obviously take no notice. They must be wasting a fortune in postage

  5. I’m still getting post for a person I’ve never heard of and I’ve been here 16 years. I’ve always returned post for him, but lloyds are ignoring that.

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