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PO Box 106 Redruth TR15 9BN

Who might have sent this post:
Collectica Enforcement Services; Intrum; Amigo Loan Recovery; Gladstones Solicitors; Marston Group;

What could be the nature / purpose of the contents:
Debt collection; Enforcement notice;

Description of the envelope:
White standard office envelope (9″ x 4″)
top right Whistl, then (logo) Royal Mail code C9 10002.
reverse: return address, top right: code 7825

Royal Mail


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35 thoughts on “PO Box 106 Redruth TR15 9BN

  1. A debt company called Intrum, claiming to be the legal team, chasing me for a debt that I had with Lloyds TSB when I was in College 15 years ago, to say it’s statute barred is an understatement.

      1. Maybe your the Vulture, no doubt you borrowed money off them, spent or gambled it away and decided you would not repay them, to my mind your just a scum bag thief!

    1. I would like the answer to my question why was my optima health appointment remember in a envelope with a return address to a debt Collection agency ?

    2. You have been sending letters to the wrong address for the person miss [REDACTED] who as never ever lived at the address of [REDACTED] br6 oet Miss [REDACTED] as been coning people out of payments she did this to dvla red routes delivery’s comeing to the wrong address there’s something wrong about this the person who as given you br6 oet address is a fake address she as given out so can you stop sending miss [REDACTED] letters to br6 oet no more of they will be bin or sent light I have be on to the police they said letters you can not your name bin them

      1. Miss [REDACTED] doesn’t live in Orpington area you sent her letters to the wrong address that she doesn’t live at she as done this to other people like dvla red routes and delivery’s that have been ordered and have to be sent back and credit cards people she is scamming people out of payments so can you check up on Miss [REDACTED] paper work to see what address she is at So stop sending miss [REDACTED] letters to the wrong address

      2. You have been sending letters to the wrong address for a person name miss REDACTED who doesn’t live at the address of REDACTED she as never lived at the address there is only two people that the address mr and mrs REDACTED she as given you the wrong address information she as done this to other people by not paying her bills up all her letters have been coming to the wrong address like red Routes dvla credit card This person is coning people out of payments so check your systems and update it the police have information about this person they said if I get letters comeing in not your name just bin them this is why. You’re not getting payments from miss REDACTED because she doesn’t live at the address at all

    3. Dear sir or madman
      I have a letter put in my letter box to day the person is not me i did take it to REDACTED
      The people told me it is not them
      I live in. REDACTED

    4. (Here’s my 10p worth) When a debt company comes looking for money owed … what you should take into consideration, is that they have BOUGHT your debt, or to put it differently … they have already PAID for your debt and Lloyds have written it off … NOW they are chasing … YOU … BUT guess what? … YOU have no contract with them … YOU do NOT owe them anything as your debt has already been paid … so I guess you could ‘thank them for paying your alleged debt … IF they keep harrassing you … you might consider invoicing THEM for your time. Your fee should be something akin to £1,000 an hour … you could even consider setting a debt company on THEM to get your fee back. ALWAYS remember … YOU have the power. You do NOT stand under their authority. They’re just bullying you. They have absolutely NO POWER … they’re playing on your fear and naivety and hoping you’ll agree to an offer to pay.

  2. mhk1058, 2 months ago –

    I have one with identical PO Box and postcode, same whistl and royal mail logo/number.
    Mine was from Gladstones Solicitors. Still a debt recovery specialist, main line of business is small amounts such as parking fines etc. Interesting that Gladstones address on the letter is actually Cheshire.
    I strongly suspect that Gladstones, Collectia Enforcement, Zenith and Debt Recovery Plus (and possible National Parking Enforcement Ltd) are all the same shower of cowboys.

  3. Keep getting these sent to my address for a former tenant. No matter how many times I send it back with “NOT AT THIS ADDRESS” they keep sending more letters out.

    1. Same here,have even had people knock on door,1 time for a car that he hasnt been paying 4
      Ive done not at this address so many times ive lost count

    2. Miss [REDACTED] doesn’t live in the Orpington area in br6 oet this person doesn’t live At the address I keep getting letters for miss [REDACTED] who never ever lives at the address like from dvla red routes credit cards payments when I put on the letters not known at this address they keep coming back check up on miss [REDACTED] paper work to see what the right address she is at I have been get letters with this person name all over the country

  4. I have received several letters at my address, for a person that does not live here. I have lived in my property for over 10 years and have no idea who the addressee is. I keep returning them to sender but they keep posting them. Getting very annoying now. I just don’t want whomever is sending the letters to actually come to my home if they are chasing a debt that is not mine.

    1. I have the same. What did you do so far? I wish to contact to that company to tell them to update their records but no luck so far.

    2. This is exactly what is happening for me too. Absolutely disgusting jobs worth’s, who don’t care who they are harassing regardless of how many times you say this person is not at the address or has never lived here (we are only people to live in my house) I am a young woman who leaves for work early in the morning and late home, now fearing leaving the house incase I am approached or entry is forced whilst door is opening. These people should be ashamed with themselves.

  5. Bailiffs from Martson Group. Chasing an addresse who has its car registered at my address (how?) Apparently its parking fine which hasn’t been paid for a long time.
    Had a visit from them as well had to explain that person who they’re looking for isn’t at this address an never was (I live here for last 11 years).
    In before they spammed my mailbox sending 3-4 letters a week. Each envelope has been returned but i still getting the mail from them. Very unprofessional company.

    1. Just return to sender as police advised me to do same – I had a knock at 6:30am and had to explain – they update their laptop but I think on commission as they don’t seem to update their main records 😡

  6. I got a letter with this address on the back and it was South Staffs Water saying welcome to my new home and explaining how I will be billed etc. Not a debt letter.

  7. Marston regarding a debt for someone who has never lived here. On behalf of GWR vultures who would not listen, who then took it to Court, who also would not listen to the fact that this person has never lived here. Laziness and incompetence at its finest – I even told them where they might find this person – clearly nothing done about it! This should never have even reached Court using our address. Apparently they are sending da boys round to my address if the debt isn’t paid by midnight on 14th Nov. I’ll be making them social media stars if they don’t behave and I won’t be letting them in regarding a debt which is nothing to do with this household!

  8. I put a complaint in for a fraudulent Virgin Media contract and they use this PO Box as an address so eh that’s not too bad, just a suggestion, debt collectors buy the debt off whichever company and therefore you have no contract with them so if you return the mail (unopened I think?) with ‘no contract – return to sender’ written on it you’re refusing to make a contract with them or something like that google it and do some research but it’s legit or more rather ‘lawful’, good to know a bit of this stuff in the world of rip off vultures!

    1. Further to what you said, when the debt collecting scum purchase the alleged debt for so many pence in the pound, under the Bill Of Exchange Act 1882 the debt no longer exists, because that third party interloping scum have paid it off for you.

  9. Mindless tossers. My debt was over 17 years old with lloyds and was in despute then. Bit past the S.B. i think. If they come too your home put their face through a plate gkass window. That normally settles the problem.
    Worth the fine. Shoukd be closed down.

    1. Debt collector hungry dogs never give up the chase for money they just want someone to caugh up the money even if the debt is 100 years old they just don’t care who they harass or bully.

  10. These debt collecting scum have no powers, as for bailiffs they are not bailiffs they are just debt collectors, who walk round with there plastic identification cards flapping round there necks, and there stupid clip boards trying to make themselves look like authority when in fact there have no powers what so ever.
    Any letters you get from them just stick a note over it saying “Please redirect to the legal owner of said legal fiction, The city of London, Crown Corporation.
    After all the alleged debt is against the legal fiction not against the man, nothing that comes through the door is to you always to the legal fiction.
    And to stop any visits from any agent of there company just use a Denial Of Implied Right Of Access Notice, put one up in the window and if they ignore that and you answer the door to them, of which you have no obligation to do in the first place , then serve a notice on them in person.
    A Denial Of Implied Right Of Access Notice amongst many other things are available as templates from http://WWW.GETOUTOFDEBTFREE.ORG
    Remember fear is there only weapon knowledge is yours !

  11. My mother for years as been posting. Back to you letters we are now fed up of it please Stop sending


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