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PO Box 9043 Bournemouth BH19AB

[Wow, thank you for this submission! And such super detail on the envelope! It’s been so long since I’ve had one. Regardless, this website still attracts over 10k visitors per month, so it must be useful. Interesting events over the last couple months – a China based company contacted me to try to claim rights to the ‘whowroteme.com’ domain. But as we know, it’s first come first serve, so I’m keeping it. Anyway, thank you to all my visitors to this site, and wishing you a festive season]

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
white C5; front… PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL above window
top right-hand corner (logos) MiPost Advanced and Royal Mail with code C9 10046
lower middle… P37 00643 377 followed by barcode
reverse… recycle logo … Return Address
top right-hand corner Code… FLM / C5-DSA/0617

amigo loans.co.uk


Nature of contents:
Loan offer already agreed. PIN enc. 2 receive cash

2 thoughts on “PO Box 9043 Bournemouth BH19AB

  1. Hi

    Are these envelopes’ contents just to advise someone that a loan has been agreed? I have had several arrive through my door this past few months for someone who used to live here and judging by various people that appear to be looking for him, owes various people and firms a considerable amount of money.

    I’ve no idea where this person now lives but the frequency with which these letters are arriving at my home for him suggests that no one else does either.

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