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PO Box 786, Leeds, LS1 9LH

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
C9 10015 (in Delivered by Royal Mail logo)
Image – bold circle with 4 small circles

Lloyds Bank


Nature of contents:
Home Contents Insurance documents

One thought on “PO Box 786, Leeds, LS1 9LH

  1. Received letter with: “Return Address, PO BOX 786, LEEDS, LS1 9LH” written on the reverse side.
    On the front top left hand corner “PRIVATE” a bit lower down in bold black is “Important documents enclosed”.
    Over on the right hand side is the very fancy UK (those two letters merged together) Mail and the rectangle next to it as a supposed stamp (I suppose). Standing just over one inch high and just over half an inch across.
    In this rectangle it has “Delivered by” then the oh my goodness, what I have just realised is more like an upside down cross, the across bit says Royal Mail and the top to bottom bit has the image of the crown.
    Then the last bit at the bottom of the rectangle is “C9 10001”
    It’s a window envelope.
    Underneath the window it has printed “325 ZONE 325 A” followed by nearly four inches of black downward strokes varying in heights, like a barcode but without any numbers.
    There are also a couple of luminous orange downward nearly three inch codes too.

    Sick and tired of this fraud and corruption, returning to the sender unopened.

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