» Financial » UK » PO Box 73139, London, EC2P 2PU

PO Box 73139, London, EC2P 2PU

Who might have sent this post:

NatWest Bank

What could be the nature / purpose of the contents:

Payment debit advice regarding Internet credit transfer

Exceeded agreed overdraft limit

“We’ve been trying to contact you”

Activation code for online banking

Description of the envelope:
White window envelope 235mm wide x 162mm high, marked ‘Private and Confidential’ in top left corner, ‘75160 1215’ in bottom left corner and ‘Delivered by Royal Mail C9 10006’ in top right corner. Back of envelope just has return address on it.

Which carrier delivered it:
Royal Mail



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14 thoughts on “PO Box 73139, London, EC2P 2PU

  1. In my case all the same but without Sender:NatWest Bank and Category Financial.

    My was from RBS and informed me I had gone over my agreed overdraft.

  2. Cheers John. I’ve added that detail to the post.

    With same envelope details but from different banks, I wonder whether this means that one ‘processing centre’ might act on behalf of multiple companies (banks) – like a shared service. I guess the same as the insurance industry – I’m sure each of them don’t have their own call-centers and admin services – they probably buy into a shared service that does the same thing for many different companies.

    1. RBS and NatWest are the same bank. They merged in 2000, but have retained their brand identities, thus shared processing centres and the ability to transact RBS business at NatWest branches and vice versa.

  3. I have to say, this was a happy find for me. I googled before opening, y’know, just in case. As it happens, it was a response to a complaint I had made to RBS, acknowledging the complaint, agreeing they were wrong, and paying compensation.

    I’m quite happy, and will contact the bank when they open tomorrow for promptness. Something I wouldn’t have done had I assumed it was junk (my first thought).

  4. Handy site this. At least it tells me it was from a bank so I will see if I can get an address to forward it to the couple who last lived here 4 years ago. But then if they have not updated their address in that time I guess it cannot be that important 🙂

  5. For my 11 year old, it was a notice of fees and interest from NatWest. Opened to check it wasn’t regarding her Nationwide CTF as that’s a secret til she’s 18!

    Thanks for the site! Really helpful!

  6. Had a letter with this on come to my address today. Completely unknown name on it, no idea who the named person was.
    Unsure how this managed to get to my address.

    1. As they can’t give it to you any other way because your account is closed. So they send you why you had left in it by cheque for you to cash

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