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PO Box 61301 LONDON N17 1DR

[And another new one…!]

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
white envelope, standard office size.
front: Strictly Private & Confidential, above window.
top RHS: secured mail logo; Royal Mail logo code C9 10017.
reverse: Return Address

PRA Group


Nature of contents:
Annual Account Summary of debt owed.

4 thoughts on “PO Box 61301 LONDON N17 1DR

  1. My Advice is …..
    DO NOT OPEN, put a cross over your name and address.
    Write NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER on envelope .
    Re Post without a stamp.

    Do this each time, this will cost them money and they will soon cease.
    Its civil and you are not obliged to engage with them in anyway and this will NOT effect your credit rating.
    Remember, a warrant of control cant be produced for a Civil Offence and therefore you are not obliged to converse with them


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