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PO BOX 204 Huddersfield HD8 1ES

Royal Mail

Envelope Detail:
White envelope with Private and confidential in top left corner

Halifax; Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS); Lloyds Banking Group (LBG)


Nature of contents:
Bank Statement; Debt collection; Change in interest rate; Change in overdraft rates; Branch closure details; Confirmation of contact details;


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95 thoughts on “PO BOX 204 Huddersfield HD8 1ES

    1. these people are bullys giving false information and frightening with there contact matters should be reported to the serious f office also report to your bank

      1. Letters from this address have been the bane of my life. Have been at my current address for nearly 3 years. Continually receiving letters mainly from the HD8 postcode addressed to 22 different people. This premises is only permitted a maximum of 7 inhabitants. On one occasion received 28 letters over a 3 day period this is particularly annoying as I am a wheelchair user. By end of coronavirus lockdown I probably will not be able to transport the mail to the local post box if this continues.

        1. we received many letters from the postcode in the end I opened them and I sent them all back together with a note that none of the people lived at this address for two years and all letters from this date sent from them to the people who no longer lives here I will charge £50-00 per letter to return for my time and effort to post back to them and if they did not pay I would take legal action to retrieve my fees . so far I have had no more letters in 8 months I sent the letter so they had to sign for it .

      1. Letters for persons unknown for 5 years at current address, sent all back return mail but still they come. I guess the PO stop returning to lighten their load.

  1. This seems to be a general address for the Halifax not just for debt collection. I received a letter addressed to a family member who no longer lives here and is rather ill at the moment so I googled the address before handing over a letter than looked like it could be connected to a debt. It was marked Private and Confidential which seemed rather ominous. I have now been shown the letter and it is simply a letter about an old account. My thanks to Mark for setting up the site!

  2. I received one from them this morning . I have only been at my new address for 5 months and already have received three letters, all to different names and from different companies.Not the previous owners names either…. weird!

  3. White envelope with return address of ‘LBG PO Box 204, Huddersfield HD8 1ES.

    Addressed to person that hasn’t lived here for at least 5 years.

    Returned to sender unopened.

    1. I keep getting letters from you to mrs s chopra and mr c s chopra .i have returned them return to sender but the letters keep comming . I dont no who these people are but will you stop sending them to my address. I have lived here for a number of years and have no idea who these people are.

  4. Have recd these letters for a previous tenant and still receiving post 5 years later. Despite sending them back putting “this man has not lived at this address since before October 2014 !! Is this a record

    1. I’ve been at my address since November 2011 and have sent back around 4 letters a year; it feels a bit like the scene in the first Harry Potter when his Hogwarts letters keep coming…

      1. I’ve been at my address for 15 years and I didn’t buy my property from the bloke to whom dozens of letters have been sent ever since I moved in!!

    2. It’s not a record as I’ve lived at my address for 28 years in July and am still getting these letters. I send them back every time but they continue sending them regularly!


      2. Have lived at my address for 9 months and received letters for unknown person on 2 consecutive days. What is it about these banks that they cannot Update records and deal with returned mail.

    3. I’m still getting post for someone who last lived here in 2010, despite sending them back and even sending one back with a covering letter. They now go in the bin.

    4. I’m still getting them for the previous owner. We moved here in Feb 2001, beat you by a few years, lol.
      Can’t understand why they don’t seem to be able to update their records.

    5. No , i recieve mail and debt collectors for someone who resided at my address over ten years ago , still gives that address to courts and banks as they do not check electoral roll .

    6. No sorry, we’ve been getting them for over 6 years. And neighbours who have lived here a lot longer have know idea who the addressee is!

    7. Ten years and counting for me. I’ve tried everything, including threatening them that I’ll start posting the letters on Pastebin. Lloyds Banking Group are a bunch of dullwits. No wonder their branches are closing everywhere.

  5. More people to need to know about this site. Any advice on how to stop the letters once and for all? I’m sick of returning mail. I still get mail for the previous tenants after five years of living here.

  6. Ive lived here for 13 years and suddenly a letter arrives for someone ive never heard of. Addressed to two for females , one of them being Ttee for the other(whatever that means). I was itching to open it thinking loan sharks will be calling with debt collectors next. Anyway thanks for the info. Return to sender asap.

  7. Lost count of the times I’ve sent this back. At least I now know what it’s for. Probably previous tenants. Waste of my time and postal services

  8. I think I have the winner here, every year since 1999 I have returned to sender a letter from PO Box 204, I think after 20 years enough is enough, returning again today this time with a letter stating that any more correspondence will be destroyed, why am I not feeling confident.

    1. I am with you. I put on the last one not to post any more. Seems people can’t read, so although this is nothing to do with me I will be destroying it and any others they send. This has been going on for approx. 17 years. Enough is enough.

  9. I had a letter from ‘LBG PO Box 204, Huddersfield HD8 1ES’ come through the post today, but can see that it is from Lloyds Bank, which would make sense as my previous house owner has A LOT come from Lloyds bank. I have sent hundreds back, and even spoke to the bank countless times but nothing seems to help.

  10. Mine was from Lloyds tsb informing of the closure of my local branch, again not from any debt collecting agencey.
    Does look confusing when it says Strictly private and does not show Lloyds as the sender.
    If it’s addressed to you it’s probably of the same. If it’s not just send it back.
    Excellent site by the way.

  11. I get countless addressed to the same person who was the previous previous person that lived at my address …. over 15 years ago … i systematically put back in the post with NOT KNOW AT THIS ADDRESS, RETURN TO SENDER. Guess what … they’re still coming through. This one today i am also writing STOP SENDING MAIL to this address for this person, he does not live here.

    I have send hundreds over the years, you’d think they would get the message. I’m going to have to go to the post office and try to put a stop on his mail coming to my address, it’s a plain nuisance!

  12. WE got a letter from this address – it was from the Halifax checking we had updated our email address for our Halifax Bank Account

  13. Received a letter from this address. It was from Lloyds Bank informing me of an overdraft increase on my business overdraft from Apr 2020. So some letters are obviously bona fide rather than from debt collection agencies. I would imagine it’s easier for banks to use this company to send out letters that effect all their business clients, rather than having to do a huge mail out themselves.

  14. Ref. December 14, 2019 at 12:41pm from Amanda:
    Probably “Ttee” means “trustee” – e.g. really for an incapacitated or very elderly person, but whose affairs are being handled by the trustee (and sender knows of this arrangement).
    Also makes clear that this is not intended for the trustee personally.

  15. I get these for my son who hasn’t lived here for over 10 years.
    I am not even going to bother opening it because i am pretty sure it will be about some money he is ment to owe them. They will never get it from him anyway he never pays anyone back. Also It would be over the 6 years they have to recover it back or they have to write it off.

    Haha join the club RIPPED OFF

  16. I just got another one addressed to a previous tenant, with a return address of LGB, PO Box 204, Huddersfield HD8 1ES. And below it says, “Go paper-free”.

    I would love to be free of their mail for a previous tenant. If banks are so stingy/climate aware about sending out paper statements, why don’t they pay attention to people returning not known at this address, return to sender?

  17. It’s not a record but I have been living at this address for 25 years and still keep getting mail for someone I don’t know. The sender is not getting the message when I return the letters but I’m getting really fed up. Surely this must count as nuance mail.

  18. After five years and returning them as ‘Not known at this address’ on countless occasions, I see that a notice below the return address states “There are some communications we’re required by law to send to the address we’ve been given by a customer. If this pack is not addressed to you, write “Not known at this address, return to sender” on the front and post it.- – Not even a ‘Please’ ! What is the point if no action is taken !
    I don’t believe that I am required by law to do as asked. I would like to advise LBG that I will, in future, charge £5 for this service on each occasion. Can someone please offer an email address where I should submit my terms and invoice?

  19. I have received one with same returned address on 12/03/2020.
    The addressee has sold house and moved out from this address in late 2009.
    Despite I have returned the letters of this addressee but yet received this.

  20. I have started to put these into a large envelope which I have addressed to the PO Box 204 address, and posted them back to them without a stamp. They will have to pay postage at large letter rate plus a surcharge for the item!

  21. Got one today addressed to my son who has never lived at the address on the letter, and I have lived here for over 22 years!

  22. I wish to be anonymous,
    Like so many others who have stated the same issue of previous owners/tennants of property who lived at my address previous to 2013 when I bought the property. Please stop sending these letters which I have returned to sender on numerous occasions. It is very annoying and making me irate having to do this and I’m tempted to place the letters unopened of course in the bin in future. Whoever is responsible take note as I feel I’ve done my bit as as I have returned letters over the last 7 years. (Letters from LBG, P.o. box 204 HD8 1ES).

  23. We receive 2-3 letters a month for someone that moved out 20+ years ago. We return each one with Not known at this address, sometimes we even add that they’ve not been here for X many years (it’s been going on since we moved in 14 odd years ago.)
    Not impressed to say the least

  24. 15 YEARS at my address – still getting post for 3 members of previous family who lived here – despite always returning numerous letters marked ‘not known at this address’ as advised on return address at back of envelope – the letters keep coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Right here goes I keep on getting letters for. John Hunter there is no such name I keep on sending it back to yous saying return to sender


  27. Last week i returned a letter for Mrs Owen. Today i received another one. I will be returning to you. This woman has not lived at this address for over 7 years and i am getting fed up of returning letters to you. I also sent back a couple last year. Please do not send any more.

  28. Each month without fail I get a letter from this address to someone who (presumably) lived in my house in the past. They all go back in the post marked ‘not known here – return to sender’ but still they keep coming!

  29. I can see here I am not alone. Really wish they could stop sending these letters with someone else’s name to my address.

  30. I have received a letter from this address the person it’s for has never lived at this address. I will do as previous letter writer suggested and return in large envelope untapped. Why is this allowed its harassment.
    Please no more.

  31. I am still getting post for a previous owner from LBG and SSE. I am getting fed up too, there must be a law concerning this?

    I might try sending it back in a envelope without putting a stamp, with a letter saying I am contacting my lawyer regarding this! Harassment

  32. I have been recieving post for the past 10 years from the muppets at LBG, went to complain today, and they cut me off as they told me there is nothing they can do about it…

  33. I’ve lived in my house for 14 years and have had several letters like these, for 4 different people who I’ve never heard of. Under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) firms are supposed to keep their records up to date, so I’ve started keeping a record if the letters I return and if I have already told LBG they are not living here I write BREACH OF GDPR on the front. If I get a third letter for the same person I will be looking who to report this GBPR breach to.

    1. The problem here will be that the ICO is a patsy organisation who large companies laugh at while they quaff their champers. Pointless even reporting it – the ICO is far too corrupt and cosy with their registration fee payers to act.

  34. I have had 15 years of these letters for the previous occupants easily 8 letters a year x 15 x 2 names
    … thats 240 letters … most returned not known at this address.

    must easily be “£200 postage lost by llyods , and im not sure but i cant imagine royal mail deliver them
    back for free … so possibly even more £400
    no wonder the banking industry is in such a state

  35. I have been receiving mail from this Address for the past ten years. I have been returning the mail for the past ten years, attaching a note to the back of the Envelope, Informing the addressee, that this person has never lived at this Address. But they still keep coming. When I return this letter today, It will be for the last time, as I will just put them in the bin. You would think a bank, would manage to deal with this, after all, they are dealing with people’s money, it makes me think, how many mistakes are they making with people’s money!

  36. Lived in my house for 11 years and started getting these letters a few years ago. Keep returning them as requested and lately adding “Please stop sending” etc. Makes no difference. Another one today. Must be something we can do!

  37. 1. This appears to be a legit address for Lloyd’s Banking Group. It is not a scam.
    2. If you are or have been a customer of any part of that group you may receive letters from them unless you opt out eg to have all communication by email.
    3. They say they are obliged by law to send out certain documents to the address they have for customers. Only the customer can change that, so it doesn’t matter whether you send stuff back or not, they will not change someone else’s info on your say-so. In some ways we should be grateful for this as it means no one else can change your address with your bank just to muck you about.
    4. If you really can’t bring yourself to bin the mail, and have time to spare during lockdown, you could turn detective and track down the former resident and ask him to change his address.

  38. I got two for someone who never lived here. So there is a problem at LBG and address mix up. Who is getting my mail then

  39. Bank of Scotland (not rbs). Letters for 3 previous occupants ever since I moved in 4 years ago. Have always sent back but I’m getting fed up now so have lodged a complaint.

  40. I keep getting them, got another one the other day and returned it to sender. Are we legally allowed to just put them in the bin? Especially after a certain amount of time, say two years, of returning them to sender in a post box? You would think Royal Mail would make a fuss about wasting their manpower, or maybe they get paid by the bank to return their wrongly addressed letters to them? The pile of returned mail must be huge, I wonder what the bank does with it all? Probably just sends it to landfill? Or recycling?

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