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PO Box 189, Huddersfield, HD8 1DY

Who might have sent this post:

Advantis; Loans From Home; GE Pension Scheme; Lowell Financial Ltd; Wescot Credit Services; Cabot Financial; USS Pensions; Volkswagen Financial Services; Capquest;

Nature of contents:

Debt collection; Pension Scheme; Credit Scheme;

Which carrier delivered it:

UK Mail

Description of the envelope:

White C5 window – Front: Private and Confidential (above window); top-right RM Logo C910045; and barcode. Reverse: Return address: PO Box 189 Huddersfield HD8 1DY



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63 thoughts on “PO Box 189, Huddersfield, HD8 1DY

    1. I am so sorry to bother you I am a Mrs REDACTED I live at number REDACTED I moved in this property about 6 months ago I have to tell you that I keep getting some mail from people called miss REDACTED and I keep sending it back and telling you that they have moved on and they don’t live at this address anymore but I keep getting letters for them please can you stop sending any letters for this person as they don’t live here anymore they have moved on thank you very much I be so much grateful to use

    1. You have been sending letters fro REDACTED for REDACTED she as never lived at the address at all she as been coning people out of thousands of pounds in pay parking tickets credit cards red route dvla this as been going on for four years now so stop sending her letters to the wrong address every time

  1. I need help as seen in room keep getting letter from p.o. box 189 Huddersfield hd8 1dy…i keep resending write not this address to no avail….i will contact post office see if they can also help.😭

  2. This is Lowell Financial Ltd. This company buying debts from other and want to enforce from debtor . Ex. If you has unpaid gas, phone etc , company can sell your debt for Lowell Financial Ltd and they will ask you again about this debt .

  3. Arvato debt collectors (normally of post code G2 1EG) sometimes use this return address on their envelopes

  4. Sarah, 3 months ago –

    This is also the return address for Advantis – their postal address is actually completely different so I suspect they won’t actually receive the returns sent to Huddersfield. Advantis are in Stoke-on-Trent.

  5. Collette, 4 months ago –

    I have had one addressed to a tenant who used to live here it’s getting on my nerves, I got a similar one last week as well addressed somewhere else. I wish there was something that could be done about dodging of bills

  6. J A E L, 4 months ago –

    Yes i feel the same way.. but since posted i have not received any more mail.. thank God.. what i done was to keep posting back to sender explaining not at this address which i know you have done… then got fed up mail kept coming so i photo letter saying the above then posted back around 4/5… then just threw them away not had any more..praise the Lord.. hope this helps..

  7. Goodluck Loomis, last year

    Arvato debt collectors (normally of post code G2 1EG) sometimes use this return address on their envelopes

  8. Greg, last year –

    This is Lowell Financial Ltd. This company buying debts from other and want to enforce from debtor . Ex. If you has unpaid gas, phone etc , company can sell your debt for Lowell Financial Ltd and they will ask you again about this debt .

  9. Eyupmiduck, 2 years ago –

    We just had one of those at work. It was actually from the GE Pension Scheme administrator regarding a client!

  10. they are scum debt collectors who think they can threaten you to nick your own money not debt at all just total scum of the earth.

  11. Scum debt collection firms that try to pursue statute barred (time expired) debt.
    Used by two different debt collection firms: Lowell Portfolio I Ltd, and Cabot Financial.

  12. Received an envelope that looked identical to a posted payslip or PIN notification from this postcode. It was actually from Wescot Credit Services (debt collectors) to do with an Npower account

  13. I used to get mail for the previous tenants at my last house with this return address for at least 4 different debt recovery agencies. It’s also used by USS pensions. From how many letters I put back in the post box yet kept getting, I suspect that it’s a letterbox attached to an industrial shredder.

  14. got a letter from this postcode, was from payplan, this is why I googled it, because payplan are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, certainly not Huddersfield, Yorkshire. payplan the debt helpers are owned by RBS bank. I have cancelled my payments to payplan, so interesting this letter arrived from HD81DY.

  15. This address must be used for various services as the one for me was about a university pension scheme and it’s financial position as member long ago.

  16. This postcode been used by group of companies for their return to sender address, could be debt collectors, loan companies or pension schemes..

  17. Keep getting letters with this return address. The person they are for has never lived at our address. Is this some sort of scam?

  18. 1. How do I get to this “Search feature” so I can use it? NOT obvious!

    2. Ref. December 21, 2019 at 11:37am from Anonymous:
    (a) I had an interesting series of incidents resulting from a tenant using a false name for utilities and council tax ( but paying this for at least a while), and – in a 1-bedroom flat – placing 4 fake names on the Electoral Roll, and 4 different ones the following year. But this was for financial fraud, NOT electoral fraud:
    Card-issuing companies would then invite these “personae” to take out credit cards – and those bills kept mounting up!
    He also leased a car, using the Electoral Roll entry as proof of address, and then stopped paying – he also never paid numerous parking fines!
    (b) Another series of letters I’m aware of, is where somebody gave a false but incomplete address to DVLA, so that parking tickets (and subsequent enforcement) wouldn’t reach him – in this case a building converted 50 years earlier into 16 self-contained flats, and omitting the flat number!

  19. a company called studio retail use this return address, also debt collectors and solicitors called Lowell use it neither of these companys are based any were near Huddersfield .huge scam.

  20. Many financial companies use what they call a “Dead Letter Box” – quite often a PO Box number.
    There are companies that offer this facility as a return address to a number of companies.

    They collect all the returns and send them on to their respective companies.

    At a previous property, I kept receiving post for a previous occupant – and so returned the post to the return address on the rear.
    This went on for 2 years – until I did a little digging and discovered that it was a tactic that Debt Collectors use to prevent the person they are looking for from just returning the post “Not at this address”.
    Point is – if you open the post you are:

    A) The person they want to contact
    B) Committing an offence – as it is to open someone elses post (aparently!). It is buried in the the Post-Office guide lines!

    I don’t have time for Debt Collection companies as it is. Had to deal with many on behalf of friends.
    This whole world is run by banks – and Debt Collectors are cashing in on a society struggling to get by.

    Don’t get me started on Council Tax and Local Councils…..

  21. This is just an address of convenience for a lot of debt collection companies who don’t comply with certain standards set down in law. Don’t open the letter, just put it back in a post box.

  22. write UNCLAIMED on them then return to sender ,open them ,its a contract your entering into ,all POboxes are none venue,s they bought the debts ,it was there wrisk ,greed motivated parasites ,if someone buys your debt your debt is ended thats in case law .

    1. This. Exactly the same reason I’m here.
      Bought an Audi and the letter from VW Financial Service has this address as an return address.

  23. I keep returning these. The recipient (REDACTED) does NOT live here. It’s getting repetitive and, quite frankly upsetting. There must be an employee that is able to delete this notice. If not may I suggest you employ one.

  24. Had 3 of them come through today for someone who has never lived here. Although I scribble off the strangers name and my address and write “return to sender” on the envelope and post them back, every year for the last 3&half years they send 3 letters from the same address for the same stranger who’s never lived here. I even wrote on the back of the envelope “No person of this name has ever lived at this property, remove this address off your records, any further letters will be disposed of!” They clearly don’t understand English because they still send mail here!!

  25. Have been receiving these for years
    Just been told to cover up window pane
    Write return to sender
    Put marker pen through orange markers on envelope

  26. A few years ago, I used My Spare Room and took on a lodger and his wife. In December 2016, both Lodgers relocated to New Zealand. Since January 2017 to date, I have been receiving letters for these Lodgers, from PO Box 189, Huddersfield, HD8 1DY and I have continued to send these letters, “Back To Sender”. Today, I found out that, PO Box 189, is actually a debt collection company. Any suggestions anyone?

  27. Thank you for this post, it’s been helpful. We had our first one of these letters today, addressed to a name not known and we are the only people who have ever lived at this property. Have marked address unknown and sending back / hope will be end to it.

  28. Keep getting letters and posting them back, the addressee does not live here so do not know why we keep getting these letters, just keep posting them back stating not known at this address, there must be a law against this, somewhere.

  29. Leeds Building Society annual statement, arrived today. I suspect that this PO box is used by many organisations as an unmanned centralised postal address, hence most of the comments below regarding people still receiving post despite asking not to.

  30. This address is also used by Lowell Financial Services Ltd. 0151 375 9867 I called them to advise them that the person they looking for has never lived here and was told that my address would be taken off their system… We shall see if anything happens.

  31. Letter I received, from this address, is from “The claims guys”.
    It relates to my successful P.P.i. claim and now a related a tax refund.

  32. Look up http://www.awarriorcalls.com its about common law and the power of it. This will answer your questions of what to do. These companies, councils, government etc. Are governing by consent, we agree to be their slaves. Legal, statutes and the like dose not apply to the man or woman. Through our birth certificates we are made into a legal fiction. Dead men and women, presumed dead lost at sea. We become a corpse This is where corporate comes from and the legalese kicks in. GET YOUR POWER AND AUTHORITY BACK.

    1. Could you offer any case reference numbers of successful defences in court on the grounds of common law?

  33. Please stop arressing me with mail comming to my home . Mr s [REDACTED] does not live at this address . I suffer anxitey and depression and dont want other peoples mail comming through my door to trigger my panic attacks .

  34. Also this address seems to just be a return address these companies debt collection people hide behind this post code,because as you all should know that you can get any information about any body on internet, this is why these debt collectors hide behind a fake post code as if they put their real post code on it you can search it before opening their letter, I har one today a debt collection agency called ruthbridge, the debt they are trying to get from me is a personal loan i had over 10 years ago, but this letter is saying a secured loan ??
    I am not going to contact them as if you do it basically a contract to pay them so now I will just send the letters back to them as will keep note of their dodgy inbox post code

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