7 thoughts on “PO Box 187 Havant PO9 5TL

  1. My estranged son is coming to collect some letters , that have been delivered to my house,his previous address . I wish it to be known that Calum has not lived here since March 2014. He now lives at [REDACTED]. In current circumstances I will pass these letters to him at arms lenght, and retreat at least 2 meters away from him. Could all future corespondence be sent to his current address please. Thankyou.

    1. Hi I have received 2 letters today that looks like it could be a back card and maybe PIN number for someone who has never lived at this address what should I do ? I am worried in case someone could intend to use my address for fraud please advise what I should do

  2. Just found your comments has was trying to find out why the same po box 187 sent a letter and some kind of credit card to my address.
    It was not addressed to me but the previous owner who passed away in 1991. Then was empty for 10 years.
    I did get people and police calling looking for owners of cars,vans and even got bailiffs calling.
    This when on for 3 years.
    Just hope that it doesn’t happen again.

    I have tried to contact the sender with no reply.
    Any help please.

  3. You do realise that Lloyd’s bank do not read the comments on who wrote me and conduct their business according to them. I think Covid is the lest of your worries. Good luck in the wild my special friend, P.s Calum was right!

  4. For the incorrect address, I cross out the address and write “Not known at this address / RTS” and put it in the letter box.

    It’s quite fun collecting all that mail and sending it back.

  5. Someone has put my address down so they can get their bank statements etc sent to my house. The person on the letter doesn’t live here and near has. I’ve sent letters back to yourselves but u still send more out can you not please I’ve no contact with this person named on the mail

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