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PO Box 123, DE14 2XE

Who might have sent this post:
Robinson Way

What could be the nature / purpose of the contents:
Debt Collection

Description of the envelope:
White C5 Window – Front: Private & Confidential (above window); top-right RM logo C910087; below window 377 D P106 and barcode. Reverse: Return address: PO Box 123, Burton on Trent, DE14 2XE. Top r-h corner: RO10/DIGITALC5

Which carrier delivered it:
Royal Mail


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17 thoughts on “PO Box 123, DE14 2XE

  1. Why would I be receiving debt collection letters addressed to my ex daughter in law who has never lived at my address.

    I keep receiving letters of this nature periodically and despite returning them to the address on the back with a curt note to the effect as above, they still keep coming. I have even supplied an address for her, but they never follow up. I don’t know what they hope to achieve writing to me as there is no way I will pay her debts. There should be some way of stopping this type of communication to the wrong people/address especially when they have been advised.

  2. they keep sending to you, thinking you will get that pissed off you will hassle the ex daughter in law and she will be embarrassed and pay them.

  3. User Submission dated 04/02/20 advises that from this Return Address came a letter from RMG (Residential Group Management) and was advising on work to be done on residential areas. Unusual as its very different to the Debt Collector company above.

  4. Constantly receiving these communications for a previous tenant who left the apartment 13/08/2017. I keep returning to sender with note to say this person no longer lives here from the date he left and I have no forwarding address. He was a tenant for the owner before I bought the apartment. In future. If they send anymore I’ll bin them.

  5. I get these letters too. In fact tons. I can count 11 different names I receive these letters for. I’m simply tired. I keep returning them but it’s pointless as new ones keep coming. I actually feel harassed.

  6. Every week I get these and I write not known at this address return to sender and I’m still bombarded with them

  7. Got letter from Robinson way debt which is over 6 year old plus it was addressed to my ex address which I never lived there for over 6 year this company is not to be trusted they send letters for fake debts that don’t exist, they are not to be trusted.

  8. I have now started “redistributing” all junk mail along with any other household recycling.
    I simply gather all junk mail acquired over a month and pop it in a very large envelope.
    Then pick a return address from the pile, write URGENT FIRST CLASS! and pop it in a post box without stamps.
    Usually PO Box 123, Burton on Trent DE14 2XE

  9. Got this letter after Croydon Council sold data to them. Please add to the website.

    Who might have sent this post:
    Newlyn PLC
    PO Box 933
    NN1 9DX


    What could be the nature / purpose of the contents:
    Debt Collection

    Description of the envelope:
    White C5 with Window
    Front: top-right RM logo C9 10002; below window P123 384 and barcode.
    Reverse: Return address: PO Box 123, Burton on Trent, DE14 2XE. Top r-h corner: PH01/C5TNTV2

    Which carrier delivered it:
    Royal Mail


  10. Debt Collection letter from CARS. CREDITLINK. seeking £10.75.

    I have responded with:

    Dear MR [REDACTED],

    We refer to the enclosed correspondence from you dated 6th November 2022, and subsequent
    email 22nd November 2022.

    We confirm that we have received a written communication from you addressed to MR ****
    H******N regarding the above referenced matter.
    It is apparent that either:

    1. You are acting on the presumption that some relationship that you may have with “LLOYD’s
    INSURANCE”, is in some way related to us. which if such presumption is the case, We confirm
    that we are not a party to this implied relationship you have with “LLOYD’s INSURANCE”,
    either directly, indirectly or by means of any tacit consent, and accordingly, We do not
    understand how to respond to you inasmuch as we are unaware of any contractual relationship
    between us: or

    2. You have entered into a contractual relationship inclusive of evidence of consideration paid to
    or agreed to be paid to the “LLOYD’s INSURANCE”, which contractual relationship has
    caused you to become the legal holder in due course of an alleged obligation between Mr
    **** H*****N and the “LLOYD’s INSURANCE”.
    If indeed you have entered into such a contractual relationship with the “LLOYD’s
    INSURANCE”, as set forth in clause 2) above, then We hereby confirm that we accept your offer to
    reduce the amount of the alleged obligation from £10.75 to £0.00; and we confirm that we would like
    to make arrangements for settlement of the above referenced matter immediately upon you providing
    your written and legally binding assurance that you will accept payment in full settlement of this alleged
    obligation in direct and immediate exchange for the original instrument of indebtedness in its original
    form that you must now be holding pursuant of the aforesaid contractual arrangement between you and

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