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Brecon House Caerphilly

[Thank you for this entry, and as I always do, my apology for the wait in adding it to the site]

Sender: Link Financial (but we are advised that Brecon House is a multi-occupancy office, therefore many other different businesses may also be using this address – not just the ‘Debt Collection’ business that was confirmed as using this envelope).

Carrier: Royal Mail

Category: Financial

Nature of Contents: Debt Collection

Envelope Description: White franked window envelope; Royal Mail C9 10002; Return Address – Brecon House Caerphilly Business Park Caerphilly CF8 3GG

7 thoughts on “Brecon House Caerphilly

  1. Brilliant idea .Now I know when my partner has run up debts that he doesn’t tell me about as in previous occasions and I can confront him about them now. Well done Mark.

  2. Please note that Brecon House is an office complex with multiple occupants including financial services, landlord & letting services etc, not just debt collection companies. Don’t assume that a letter from Brecon House is anything to do with debt chasing- it probably isn’t.

    1. Thank you – that’s a valuable note. I shall add it to the original post above to add clarity that other businesses may also operate from the address.

  3. I keep getting these addressed to someone who doesn’t live here (and isn’t who we bought the house from either) for the past 9 years since we moved here. I write return to sender not known at this address nd return each one but they keep coming it’s ridiculous

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